Sunday, 30 August 2020



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On the weekends and on monday we will go to my nana papa house.

Too my mum had no one to talk to and I went there to eat and play

with charis and savior. And my cousin Ana we would play outside but

we would like to Stay inside because it was cold. And windy the only

watch tv or eat to at my nana and papa house they had no wifi and

it was ready boring so we would go back home. and played Roblox or

watched tv. I was so brod at Nana and Papa house I was so sleepy.

But soon we went home with my mum and dad and my sister alesar

too we were at home i was playing roblox and savior too and charis

was on his pc and netbook on chat talking to his

friend all the day

we were at home we will do school we had to

go on the class site

and go on chat and we will do learning charis stayed up at night

and play on his saw him playing at 5 am and he got Growled

he could not go on his pc for a day he was sad and he watch

youtube on his netbook in the weekend we will go to your

cousin house and play with them and it was so

boring the weekend was cool

sometime. and

sometime i will watch on my netbook.  

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